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The Invitation Series offer encouragement and hope to those struggling
with some of life's difficult issues such as cancer, abuse and addiction.


beth_moore_cover.png"I have never shared anything that meant more to me personally then the message of the breaking free from the chains that bind us. With all that is in me, I want every person to know that liberty in Christ can be a reality in life.We can truly be free, and we can fully be healed.It is my prayer that through the teaching, music and testimonies included on this CD, many would find the healing and hope they've been so desperately seeking - to let go of the pain of their past, and to take hold of God's perfect plan for their lives."

kay_warren_cover.png"No one ever wants to hear the words, "It's cancer." I've heard those words twice in the last few years and I know from firsthand experience the shock, denial, fear, anger, and anxiety that accompany a cancer diagnosis. I also know the hope that comes from accepting God's offer of strength, faith and courage to face a life=threatening illness. His promise to be with me - to not leave me alone in my darkest hours - has caused me to want to offer that same comfort to others going through a tough time."

john_baker_cover.png"Each of our lives are tangled up with hurts that haunt our hearts, hang-ups that cause us pain, and habits that mess up our lives. Hurts, hang-ups and habits. There's not a person in the world who doesn't deal with at least one of these on some level - and many of us struggle with all three. Due to the poor choices that I made in my life. I became addicted to alcohol. After I had hit bottom I made two good life changing decisions. First, I turned my life over to Christ's care and control. Then, I made the decision to start my recovery. These are the same two decisions that you can make to find freedom from your life's hurts, hang-ups and habits. You will be able to Celebrate your Recovery!"

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Atheist-turned-Christian Lee Strobel, the former award-winning legal editor of The Chicago Tribune, is a New York Times best-selling author of more than twenty books and has been interviewed on numerous national TV programs, including ABC, Fox, PBS, and CNN. Described in the Washington Post as "One of the evangelical community's most popular apologists," Lee shared the Christian Book of the Year award in 2005 for a curriculum he co-authored with Garry Poole about the movie The Passion of the Christ.

After a nearly two-year investigation of the evidence for Jesus, Lee became a Christian in 1981.

In recognition of his extensive research for his books, Southern Evangelical Seminary honored Lee with the conferring of a Doctor of Divinity degree in 2007.

Lee and Leslie have been married for 38 years and live in Colorado. Their daughter, Alison, is a novelist and co-author, with her husband Dan, of the children's book, That's Where God Is. Lee's son, Kyle, holds two master's degrees from the Talbot School of Theology and a PhD in theology from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. His first book was Metamorpha: Jesus as a Way of Life.





How do I know if I'm a Christian?

What does it mean to repent?

What is sin?

What is faith?

What is prayer?

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Q: How do I know if I'm a Christian?
A: You can be confident that you are a Christian if you have proclaimed your trust in Jesus as the one who paid the ultimate price for your sin, you believe that he has forgiven you, and you have committed your life to following his will (Romans 10:9; 1 John 1:9).

Q: What does it mean to repent?
A: The word 'repent' literally means to stop, turn around, and go in the opposite direction. When the Bible talks about repenting from sin, it is referring to more than simply stopping a bad behavior. It involves a change of heart and life (Matthew 3:2; Luke 13:3).

Q: What is sin?
A: The word 'sin' literally means to 'miss the mark' as in an archer who misses a target. In the biblical context, the 'mark' or target is God's holiness. We were born into sin as human beings, and only the blood of Jesus can wash it away (Romans 3:23-25).

Q: What is faith?
A: Faith is the absolute confidence in God's good character and the unshakeable belief that his Word is true regardless of our circumstances or our feelings. Faith is a personal commitment to place your trust in God and to follow his plan for your life (Hebrews 11:1).

Q: What is prayer?
A: Prayer is simply talking with God. You don't have to be in a church or use special language to talk with God. He is always with you everywhere you go, so you can talk to him just as you would speak with a trusted friend. Ask questions and expect answers.